Dating Someone with Kids…Worth it?

It’s hard to find someone now a days without a child, so dating someone with a child has become a topic of discussion. Personally I’ve dating 3 people with children and had a different experiences each time. In each relationship I was faced with a new challenge.

In my first relationship TIME became an issue. The person I was dating had a great relationship with the mother of his child, which should always be the case. This strong relationship however started coming between us. It could’ve been me but I always felt there was more going on between them. I found myself fighting for his attention which should never be the case in any relationship. In the end we decided we would just be friends and he is currently working things out with the mother of his child.

I should’ve known my next relationship was not going to make it when he didn’t inform me he had a child. He then got mad at me for not being happy when he casually mentioned it was his sons 1st birthday. HONESTY is a pillar in any relationship. After 6 months of no communication, he and I are now friends.

My last relationship was the hardest. My partner and I were together for 1.5 years. She had a beautiful daughter I cared very much about. During the first year everything was perfect. Her daughter and I got along very well and besides almost losing her in McDonalds everything was good. When we started going through our rough patch that’s when things got a little COMPLICATED. We ended up breaking up on pretty bad terms and I lost a relationship with a girl I had grown attached to. After 2 years my ex and I are on ok terms but my relationship with her daughter is nonexistent.

Not all relationship will turn out like mine.  Although my experiences haven’t turned out the way I’d
hoped, I’m still open to dating someone with a child. Every bad experience prepares you for a new experience.


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  1. Very true. I was with someone for five years and I have a child. We broke up on very bad terms because he was unfaithful. He was the only person my child knew as a father figure. Needless to say the breakup affected my child to the point where he acts out in school.

    It’s rough dating someone with kids. You have to break down defenses, learn about them and that child. When it ends…it sucks.

    It’s worth it if you’re willing to put in the work but if you’re not then it’s best that you walk away. Only because with children involved they suffer more than the adults.

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