Biggest Turn Offs???

When you’re turned on and ready to get down and dirty, your partner decides to tell you “I got to take a dump” = MOOD KILLER

I was having a conversation with a group of friends the other day and topic turned to mood killers. From passing gas to talking too much, we had a list going strong.

There is nothing worse than during sex; your partner decides he wants to switch you into 25 different positions. Fellas this is a MOOD KILLER, women take time to get into their groove switching it up so frequently just makes us aggravated.

Ladies, when you know you are going to see your man, and there might be a chance of intercourse DO NOT wear your big grandma panties = MOOD KILLER. Men want to unwrap a sexy package and face it ladies those big ass grandma panties are not sexy.

What are your MOOD KILLERS?


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