Playing with Fire… Blurring the Lines Between Friends and Lovers.

Is it okay to have sex with a friend?

The short answer is yes. If both parties are ok with it, Sex with a friend can be a very enjoyable experience. However most of the time with sex comes feelings.

The importance is having a solid understanding between you and the other person regarding what you both want from the experience. If you know that you are really feeling this person and sex may confuse things DON’T do it. It may be easier said than done especially if you are really attracted to the person however it’s best to walk away from the fire.

People often try and hide the way they feel about someone else because they don’t want to scare the person off or they’re afraid of rejection. The only person you would be hurting is yourself.

If you are going to blur the lines between friends and lovers make sure your vision is clear on what you want.


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