Month: April 2016

To Do or Not to Do… Oral Sex?

In relationships you need to lay your boundaries out in the beginning. This can
sometimes be a difficult discussion but it is extremely important.

One thing that should be consistent in ANY relationship is Oral Sex.

Ladies, it is time to grow up and stop the “I’m not doing it because it will give me
cancer” stage. If it pleases your man it’s time to drop down and try it.

Men, and I say MEN for a reason. If you are not doing what it takes to please your woman, you can’t expect her to do it. Too many women have not had the opportunity to experience a real orgasm due to your selfishness. Making the headboard bang is only a part of it.

Truth is… This is a two way street.

If you are nervous about your partner not enjoying themselves, ask them to talk you
through it. The process will teach you both how listen, to each other and bring
you guys closer together sexually.


Can his friends be my friends also?

Image result for my friendsEntering a relationship is like entering a business venture. You have your friends and your partner has theirs. The struggle begins when strong bonds are built with the friends of your partner. You may get confused on where their loyalty stands.

In the case of a separation, you should be able to walk away with what you started with including your friends. To some this may sound a little over the top but its better this way.

What are your thoughts?

Emotional vs. Sexual Cheating, which would you prefer?

Emotional connectionsestablished with someone by sharing inner worlds, confiding hopes, dream and disappointments and supporting each other’s goals. It works two ways; it’s not a connection unless it’s mutual.

When loved ones are unhappy they tend to reach out to others for what is missing in their relationship. Some people reach out for sex, but relationships are not built sex alone. I can tell you now; sex is NOT as hurtful as an emotional connection.

If emotions are missing in your relationship you need to reach out to the only one who can help you. YOUR PARTNER! Emotional cheating is a failure to many relationships and hurts both parties involved.

How do I start this conversation with my partner?

These types of conversations are never easy to have and some may feel like a nag/punk for even bring it up. The solution is simple: if you don’t acknowledge the situation it could never be resolved.

Ladies: Men like to hear the facts they don’t want to hear too much about your feelings. Give it to them straight.

  • “Baby you’re slacking on your job”
  • “Baby we need to fix this, because this is not working

Gentlemen: Women are in the middle, they don’t want to hear your sob stories and they don’t want you to smack them with the truth. Women need an approach with details that connects them to a memory.

  • “Baby remember when you would text me good morning? I miss those”
  • “Baby you use to write me love letters, what happened?”

Always remember it is NEVER ok to start speaking to someone outside of your relationship about issues in your relationship.

Dating… What’s my role?

If a man is expected to open doors and pay for dinner, what is a woman’s role on a date?

This has been a recent controversial topic. Women are becoming more independent and want to play more of a role on a date. Women now ask men on dates and reach for their wallets when the bill comes. I’m going to take a side; some men might disagree with my thoughts below.

Ladies, independence is good, but you are not the man in the relationship. You need to relax and let a man be a man. If you are on a date it is expected that he pay for the bill. This doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to contribute. You can add the tip.

Your role on a date is to be sexy as hell and have good conversation. Concentrate on that.