To Do or Not to Do… Oral Sex?

In relationships you need to lay your boundaries out in the beginning. This can
sometimes be a difficult discussion but it is extremely important.

One thing that should be consistent in ANY relationship is Oral Sex.

Ladies, it is time to grow up and stop the “I’m not doing it because it will give me
cancer” stage. If it pleases your man it’s time to drop down and try it.

Men, and I say MEN for a reason. If you are not doing what it takes to please your woman, you can’t expect her to do it. Too many women have not had the opportunity to experience a real orgasm due to your selfishness. Making the headboard bang is only a part of it.

Truth is… This is a two way street.

If you are nervous about your partner not enjoying themselves, ask them to talk you
through it. The process will teach you both how listen, to each other and bring
you guys closer together sexually.


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