Drawing-layerExportLOVE AFTER PAIN

Heartache happens to the best of us, but after the tears, pain, and anger, it can be hard to find the courage to take the next step towards loving again. LOVEAFTERPAIN.COM is a blog that provides advice to those who are struggling to find their way back to love.

The discussions on this blog come from you, the readers. Dating and relationships can be challenging, let me help you clear up the confusion.

Why Love after Pain…

When I found out my long time boyfriend cheated on me, I never thought I could cry so many tears. I felt like everything was crumbling around me.  Some of my friends were saying to leave him and others understood why leaving him was such a hard choice for me to make.  

A Bit About Me…

Real island girl, currently residing in Queens, NY. Educator by day and mom/relationship adviser by night. A musician at heart and aspiring photographer. I’m always up for a glass of wine, Scandal and House of Cards.   




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