Dating him all over again… Starting from the beginning.

We were separated for 6 months and recently started dating again. When I say date I mean date. He calls me, takes me out,  and we talk. We both really care about each other but as I told him, I’m protecting myself.
We were together for 5 years and he cheated on me. Yep he cheated on me.  As I told him, I’m not trying to get back what we had because obviously something wasn’t right.

Over the past month I’ve been feeling a little closer to him. I know I want to be with him, but the fear of it all is driving me crazy.

For right now we are just going to take it one day at a time.


Should we live together before marriage?

When in a relationship how important is it before taking the step to marriage that you live together? A few days ago, this was the topic of discussion between me and a friend. He argued that you don’t really know a person until you live with them, so therefore it is important to live with your significant other before marriage. My BF and I have been together for 2 year and things are looking serious. Is this something I should be considering?


I grew up in an old fashion home; living together was not an option before marriage. Now in my own relationship headed towards the alter, I have forged my own opinion.

Marriage is a serious topic; living together should not be the test you need to pass before you decide to marry. If you are considering marriage think about the following questions:

  1. Have you met his family? Do they like you or you them?
  2. Are your finances in order and can you talk about them?
  3. Can you stand to look at them after an argument?
  4. Does he/she respect you?
  5. Can he/she be your one and only?
  6. How supportive are you of each other?
  7. Can you live with all their habits and character traits?
  8. Is the intimacy lifelong good?
  9. Do they provide you with the space needed?
  10. Do you want children and if so how many?

Don’t get me wrong; moving into together is also a serious commitment. When deciding to take this step you should view the other person as someone you are committed to and not someone you want to help pay the bills.

The Independent Woman and Her Faults

Let the MAN be the MAN.

As times are changing and women are becoming more and more career focused,  it is important for us to make sure we are still taking care of home and letting our MEN remain the MAN of the household. This is simple, don’t expect your man to do all the heavy house work, because you are working. Don’t get me wrong, everything should not  fall on us, however as women our primary responsibility is to take care of our partners and our home.

Some of you might not agree with me, but as a woman who works very hard and wants nothing more than to come home and put my feet up, There is still work to be done:

  1. Women QuoteDinner– COOK. We need to get ourselves back in the kitchen and make a meal. Although you maybe busy with work, you should still plan to cook at least 3 times during the week including Sunday. This does not mean that your man will never cook you a meal, but let that be a surprise.
  2. House Keeping– CLEAN. Cleaning has always been and should remain something we do on a regular basis. This should be a joint effort, but as a lady this is something you should lead on. This might be a hard task to do because you are busy with deadlines and due dates, however it is possible.
  3. Keep it Sexy– GLAM. Ladies I can not stress enough the importance of NEVER losing your SEXY. It is easy to come home and put on an oversize T-shirts and baggy sweatpants but what a turn off that is. Find yourself some simple but sexy negligees  and wear them.